Introducing...AZ Dope Soap! Formerly Scentsible Suds! Same quality products, all new look!


Get to know me

Hey all, I’m Jessica, the owner and maker of Scentsible Suds.

For most of my life I had very dry and irritated skin. It wasn’t until I discovered natural soaps soaps when I realized that I didn’t have to suffer anymore. After a short time using chemical free, natural ingredients, my skin changed completely!

I found Scentsible Suds at the local farmer’s market when I moved to Gilbert, Arizona in 2014 and immediately fell in love. I was a loyal customer until I was offered the opportunity to take over the business. With a background in food in nutrition, a love of crafting and creating, and devotion to the products themselves, I knew it was kismet.

My husband and I spent months being mentored in the art of hot processing soaps and learning all about essential oils. Paired with many years creating in the kitchen and trying to live a healthy lifestyle, we expanded the original product line and continue to do so.

I love that when we’re working on something we can go into our pantry and use the same healthy ingredients on our body and hair as we do in our home cooked meals!

I have to admit, although I always loved the soaps and how they made my skin feel and look, I never fully understood the incredible benefits these natural ingredients had until we started making and using new products ourselves and hearing amazing feedback every Saturday from local customers.

So basically, every time we make something new, I’m in awe that it actually works and does what it’s supposed to do! Crazy, I know. Learning about the ingredients and process has been life changing in many ways. I take comfort knowing that even in at my age, my skin is clear and radiant enough to be confident without wearing makeup.

Being able to do something I love in life is incredible. Being able to do it with my family makes it better. Knowing that total strangers love it just as much is the coolest part of all.

Come visit me at the Gilbert Farmer’s Market every Saturday! If Gilbert is too far, I’d be happy to ship them to you!