The AZ Dope Soap Story

AZ Dope Soap is owned and operated by John Zamora. John’s love for soap actually started from his son Archie’s love for soap. Archie would bring home three to four, and sometimes as many as five bars of hand-made soap from their local weekend farmer’s market. Archie would show off his new soap bars to everyone in the family, having them smell the soaps and he put them all around the house for everyone to use. John would often talk about starting a soap company so that Archie could express his love for soap and share it even more. Little did they know that Archie’s love and curiosity with soap bars would suds up until it covered the whole Zamora family!

After discovering that she too had a hobby for soap bars, John’s loving wife Dom found out about AZ Dope Soap when she started sourcing Lavender and other soaps for her own small business. AZ Dope Soap founder Jessica Haber started providing soap for Dom’s endeavors and from then on, the Zamora family was more committed than ever to bar soap, trying out different scents from Jessica as they sourced them for their small business and used them around their house. Soon enough, there were soap bars in every shower, every sink, and they even started giving out soap bars to their family and friends!

In 2023, founder Jessica Haber decided that she wanted to move onto other ventures. That's when she asked John and his family to take over the business. John worked hard and diligently with Jessica to take his soap journey to the next level, becoming the company’s owner, operator, and soaper. Since then John, Dom, Archie, Dehlia, & even sometimes baby Delilah have been keeping in the ways and traditions of making Arizona’s Dopest soap, AZ Dope Soaps!

From John & the Zamora Family: 

“Thank you to all of the loyal followers of AZ Dope Soap. It's been an incredible journey, from day-dreaming with my son Archie about making our own soap bars, to actually making our very own soap bars! We are so grateful and thankful to be able to continue the legacy that Jessica built here at AZ Dope Soap, and we are proud to carry her reputation forward for many, many years. We hope to stay dope, and keep making great soap that our family, friends, and customers will love for years to come!”

Come by the Gilbert Farmer's Market every Saturday and say hi to the Zamoras, and don't forget to grab your soap!