Whether you believe in the power of essential oils or not, you should question what it is that makes all those fun scents smell the way they do. There are some crazy chemicals being used to make up those intoxicating scents – accent on the TOXIC

One of the first things I tell people when they ask about our soaps is that they are all natural, made with olive oil, coconut oil, and essential oils. We never use synthetic fragrance or perfumes. I’ve found that a lot of people never consider this when buying their soaps and skin care products – but they should!

Personally, I’ve found that many fragrances I used in the past were responsible for giving me headaches. I can’t even go into this popular bath or body shops without feeling the effects. Since learning more about my craft, I’ve found that people have reactions such as asthma, wheezing, and dermatitis as well.

So let’s talk for a minute about essential oils.

Let’s say you’re like my dad and roll your eyes every time you hear that these things have medicinal powers. That’s fine! Guess what? They still smell amazing, plus they’re all natural and toxin free. You can lather up with confidence that your skin will have a gentle aroma that lasts all day. It won’t be obnoxious or offensive to those around you, but get close enough and you’ll know it’s there.

If you have taken the time to learn a bit about essential oils or just want to take my word for it, they don’t just smell yummy, they’re good for you too! Each one has specific benefits for your skin, body, and even mood. We try to combine our oils in such a way that each soap can be used for something different. Some of our customers shop by smell and some shop by what benefits they’re looking to get. The possibilities are truly endless!

Have any specific questions? Wondering what would work best for your skin type? Send me a message and I would be happy to recommend something for you!