I want to talk a little bit about our shampoo and conditioner bar.

We’ve been making our shampoo bar for over six years. Since shampoo bars seem to be “on trend” right now, we get a lot of interest and questions from curious customers. Let me share of what I tell people at the market because I’m sure many of you wonder about the same things.

WHAT IS IT MADE OF? Like the rest of our products, our shampoo and conditioner bar is all natural. It’s made of olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, chamomile powder, and four essential oils. Our soaps are made of olive oil and coconut oil, this one also has castor oil to give it an extra lather. Castor oil is also amazing for hair in general – it even promotes hair growth!

HOW DO I USE IT? Most of us are used to using a bottle of shampoo so when we see a bar, it seems confusing. Guess what? It’s not! You just lather it up in your hands and massage into your scalp. Rub through your hair just like you do with any other shampoo!

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? This one is tough. When first using it, some people experience oily hair, some experience dry hair, some just love it. It is said that when switching from your ‘regular’ shampoos that contain chemicals, sulfates, parabens, to a natural product, your body needs an adjustment period in order to detox. It’s recommended to use this (or any natural product) for a week or two before seeing optimal results.